2006: Panchanter viert 5e lustrum in Wrocław, Polen

Panchanter bestaat in 2006 25 jaar. Om deze verheugende leeftijd te vieren, gaan we naar Wrocław in Polen, en wel - traditiegetrouw - in het Hemelvaartsweekend, van 24 - 28 mei 2006. De reis is in voorbereiding met IC Productions (www.icproductions.nl) in Tilburg, die ook onze vorige lustrumreis (2001) naar Leipzig en Weimar organiseerde.

Het programma wordt samengesteld uit de programma's van de laatste jaren, waarin we steeds werken rondom een thema zongen. In 2004 was het thema Water, in 2005 ging het over Muziek en in 2006 over Leven en Dood.

 Concerts / Koncerty 

Brahms, Górecki, Vaughn Williams, etc. 

Thursday may / Czwartek 25 maja 2006, godz. 19.00 
Concert Hall/Filharmonia 
Marszałka Pił sudskiego 19, Wrocław 

Friday may / Pi ą tek 26 maja 2006, godz. 19.30 
St. Nicolaus Church, St. Anthony Street 
With Academic Choir of Wrocław University of Technology, 
conductor / dyrygent Katarzyna Sorokanycz 

Saturday may / Sobota 27 maja 2006, godz. 20.00 
Church of St. Elisabeth / Kościół Ś w. Elżbiety 
ul. ś w. Elżbiety 1, Wrocław 

All concerts beneficiary to St. Celestyn Association, Strzelin 
Beneficjentem koncertu jest Stowarzyszenie ś w. Celestyna, Strzelin


Theme Titel concert 1 concert 2 concert 3 Componist
philharmonie St. Nicolaus Church  Kościół Ś w. Elżbiety 
Water Vineta X     Brahms
To be sung............    X   Delius
Oj, kiedy na Powislu X X   Görecki
Szeroka Woda X X   Görecki
Deep River   X   arr. Hart
Didn't it rain X X   arr. Chilcott
Wade in the water (X)  X   arr. Adams
Loch Lomand X     arr. Overton
Shenandoah       arr. Chilcott
Finnegan's Wake X   X Badings
Blackbird X   X arr. Runswick 
Death Wanderers Nachtlied X X   Voormolen
Im Herbst X X   Brahms
Requiem   X   Howells
Let down the bars X X   Barber
Death on the hills, op 72       Elgar
Music Musiciens qui chantez X     Wagenaar
Vorspruch X     Distler
Cantemus X X   Bardos
Music when soft voices die X X   Bridge
Heart’s Music   X   Vaughan Williams
Silence and Music   X   Vaughan Williams
Musik der Nacht       Chilcott
Extra: The Shower X X X Elgar


About Panchanter

Panchanter is a Dutch chamberchoir that exists only two weekends every year. The autumn weekend is meant for rehearsing a new programme; in spring the weekend always contains a concert. By doing so Panchanter presents a fresh programme every year.

Panchanter mostly sings a cappella works from many periods, composers and origins, although a slight preference for the romantic period and later is noticeable. First of all we try to present programmes that offer a variety of interesting music for both singers and audience.


The choir's origins lie in 1981 when a workshop ‘classical choir’ was held during the annual musical student PAN-festival (hence the name Pan-chanter, French: Pan-singing, or: French/Greek: everybody is singing). This was in de Dutch city of Nijmegen. (Learn to) Sing with the inspiring conductor Wim van Herk asked for more. After the first reunion Panchanter never ended until this day.

In the first years practically all members were student in the different universities of Holland. After this the members spread all around the country, as is the case until now. Most members are very loyal to Panchanter, due to the enthusiasm of the group and conductor and the many friendly relationships inside the group.

Every weekend is organised by a couple of members of the choir, including the spring weekend, when the organising committee also chooses a place to present the concert. In this tradition Panchanter has seen almost all parts of The Netherlands.


Most members have a long experience in singing in choirs and are very able to study music at home. The music is therefore sent long before the first rehearsals. We enjoy being able to make the most of singing during the weekends. In the weekends the voices are glued together, still under the inspiring conductor Wim van Herk.


The choir travelled international at almost every lustre until now. Panchanter was in England, Prague and in Leipzig and Weimar (in the east of Germany).



Wim van Herk

studied Choral Conducting, Orchestral Conducting and Piano at the Conservatoire in Arnhem. Later, he continued studying Orchestral Conducting with Louis Stotijn, one of the most famous tutors in the Netherlands.

In the period of 1977 until 1987, he participated in several master-classes for orchestral conducting and choral conducting, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In that last year, he was tutored by Kurt Sanderling (Germany).

In the period of 1991 until 2001 he was committed to the national institute "UNISOSO" as a teacher for choral and orchestral conducting. Furthermore, he regularly gives workshops and master-classes both in the Netherlands and abroad. In the period of 1996 until present, he performed as a guest conductor for three orchestras in the Netherlands, namely The Limburg Symphony Orchestra, The Gelderland Symphony Orchestra and the South-Holland Symphony Orchestra.

In 1996, he toured through Hungary with the European Chamberchoir "Vox Europae".

Wim van Herk has many international concert tours on his record, he conducted e.g. in Prague, Budapest, Leipzig, Paris and Istanbul.

Wim van Herk is the regular conductor of the Leiden Symphony Orchestra, with which he recently toured to Istanbul. One of the concerts was given in co-operation with the European Istanbul Choir.

He also is the artistic leader of two semi-professional chamberchoirs in the Netherlands. In the period of 1980 until present, he has gained much experience with performing works for choir and orchestra, with amateur as well as professional ensembles


De reis wordt mede georganiseerd door International Cultural Productions

een reisorganisatie, gespecialiseerd in culturele-, muzikale-, en studiereizen voor amateurkoren en -orkesten.

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